AAG Values

“Our Client Partner User Experience is Integrating Technology, Information and People Focused on Positive Outcomes” While AAG is comprised of individuals with a variety of values, overall we as a company adhere to a set of values that we strive to express in our thinking, behavior, actions and ultimately results. These values were formed from a survey of all employee values (in 2014) and through a collaborative review by leadership looking to express the desired culture and success factors for AAG. Strive to embody these values in all that you do!

BALANCE Family We respect that everyone has a family life.
Fun We seek to ensure everyone is having fun!
Teamwork We work as a team, we help each other.

INTEGRITY Ethics We deal with ourselves and others ethically, at all times.
Quality We deliver our products and services with high quality.
Relationships We form lasting relationships based upon trust and integrity.

STRUCTURE Simplicity Make our lives and the lives of our client-partners simpler.
Communication Get the Information to the People.
Efficiency Constantly define and improve process & tool efficiency.