AAG has been providing assessment services since 1997.  It has been involved in various assessment related studies for Alberta Municipal Affairs and has also completed many project-specific assessment functions for various municipalities throughout Alberta.  AAG completes inspection and assessment valuations for all property types such as:




AAG has experience in all types of residential properties ranging from Economy to Luxury residences. We have created an automated process to mass produce MAF (market adjustment factors) to assist in calculating market values. AAG also utilizes MERLIN, a market valuation application created by Compass Municipal Services.



Through market analysis, AAG has created a series of tables/ rates, used in the CAMAlot software application to produce values utilizing the income approach to value. This valuation method is compared to the Cost Approach to value to ensure accurate and equitable assessments are placed on each property.





AAG staff are skilled at creating/ maintaining assessments using both the soil series and non-soil series regulated farmland valuation methods. Creating spatial farmland polygons using GIS has allowed AAG to efficiently perform precise area calculations for farmland assessments.






AAG has an excellent understanding of the regulated Oil & Gas assessment approach. AAG utilizes many sources of information to assist in creating an accurate assessment. In particular, the development of our GIS has allowed our Industrial assessors to provide better assessments through digital well and pipeline data, GPS vehicle navigation, and spatial mapping products.


Special Purpose

AAG has completed assessments for many unique property types including, but not limited, to forest product facilities, coal mines, agricultural facilities and various types of manufacturing and processing facilities.