MuniSight System


Professional GIS technicians and fully-trained solution providers are available by phone or e-mail. We are standing by to answer questions, resolve issues, receive feature and work requests, and talk to you about your training needs.


MuniSight provides training on all of its application suites and solutions. We will design customized training programs that we could deliver to you on-site or online. A dedicated training lab at MuniSight’s Sherwood Park office hosts full-day courses that offer participants hands-on training using real-life examples specific to municipalities. <click here for more details>


The following information management services help streamline each municipality’s operations. Services include:


MuniSight offers Mobile Mapping Solutions that enable the municipality to map and track its personnel and tangible capital assets to support management and safety programs.

Hand-Held Global Positioning Systems

MuniSight can create a wide range of custom workflows to meet your field data collection needs. We provide our experience and expertise to help you navigate – from hardware selection right through workflow creation and training. This ensures that you will have the right tools and processes to do the job.

Video Data Collection

Video Data Collection (VDC) is a state-of-the-art method of collecting location-based municipal information using digital video capture technology and advanced software-processing techniques. Video in conjunction with precision GPS is used to capture municipal information in a digital format, which is then brought back into an office environment for review and data processing.


The SPOT GPS Messenger is a satellite-based tracking service that is ideal for providing a low-cost method by which the location of the person carrying the SPOT device can be tracked, on a regular time interval basis, via an online website. The SPOT device not only provides location reporting but is also equipped with “check-in” and “help/ 911” functionality which makes it an ideal solution for helping your municipality comply with Work Alone legislation. MuniSight uses SPOT as part of our in-house safety program.



MuniSight also creates customized Data and Workflow Solutions for the needs of both the urban or rural municipality. We help municipalities define and streamline their business processes and provide solutions focusing on the municipality’s needs.

Data Creation and Maintenance

This includes Parcel Mapping, Single Line Road Network (SLRN) and data maintenance workflow creation and management.

Custom Cartography

A by-product of a comprehensive GIS is the ability to create a wide variety of printable maps that display the various data layers of the GIS, in various combinations, and in a variety of formats and sizes. MuniSight offers map-plotting services as large as 60” wide on its in-house plotters in whatever quantities are desired.

Assessment and Rural Address Workflows

Based on the recommendations and procedures set out by Alberta Municipal Affairs’ Addressing Guidelines, these standards will create uniformity amongst Alberta rural municipalities. They will also ensure that the addressing scheme used, will meet requirements of other stakeholders such as Canada Post and Telus’ E911 system.

Underground Asset, Disposition, Industrial and Farmland Digitizing

MuniSight will digitize water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer As-Builts into topologically correct data layers complete with attribution (wherever specified on the As-Builts) for all underground infrastructure asset types. Digitizing services are also available for dispositions, industrial polygons or farmlands.